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This blog is designed to tell a story, well my story but from a different perspective each time. I can only hope that throughout my writing and modeling I can grow into the woman that I have always wanted to be. I will be discussing general topic interests pieces as well as current events requested by readers and/or viewers. 

Let's Laugh

My favorite thing to do (probably before sleeping and eating) is laughing. It's more like a way of life - some people believe in carpé diem or Hakuna Mata, but not me. If you all like my jokes and funny short stories - I'll provide one weekly.



Check out my featured article with the online publication moboombox as I discuss some of my role models, advice to young models, and the pressures throughout the industry. It's always a pleasure to be recognized as a model "on the rise" if you will. It's true, I am new to the industry, but as I enter my second year of modeling I could not be more confident. As they say, the best is yet to come.

This is the series used for the interview. 

Photographed by an incredible individual. Please visit his instagram for more of his work, @m.fentography 

Work & Design

It officially marks a full year of modeling, and shooting. The original photograph was taken by Arnold Farmer. 

This amazing graphic art is done by a lovely friend @shaadhuron

I've always wanted a cartoon/graphic image of one of my modeling shots, and he made it absolutely perfect. Being able to work with new artists, photographers, accept offers to travel, work and model has brought me a new perspective on creating and designing. Photography and modeling has shown me how much I’ve changed, grown, laughed, cried, all in a year’s span. As my favorite artist and lyricist Billie Holiday would say, “what a difference a day makes.”


My business cards will be available soon for photographers, videographers, models, writers and other artists that would like to work in the future. I will be posting on my site when the cards will be accessible. Check here for a later issued date. 

Mini Reads

Already Planning My Next Trip(s)...

Coachella is in April, which means I start planning my trips to California by the beginning of the new year (crazy, right) only in order to beat the constant rush of ticket sales and for me, online shopping. 

You know it's true what they say, shop for the summer in the winter and vice versa, especially if you are an active buyer - be sure to check your favorite sites for spring and summer wear. Sometimes, I find the cutest outfits in the middle of an offseason. 

Don't forget accessories too ladies - that means: sunglasses, general glass wear, highlighter, lipgloss vs. lipstick (for me it its seasonal), bronzer, concealer (changes via skin tone/season), earrings, bandanas, you name it. I'm proactive by nature, so I guess it's only right to do it with my personal planning and shopping expenditures too.

Starfish are "Notorious Suckups", but they never lie.

It’s not everyday that you get to say you met your best friend when you were traveling on vacation with your parents. Picture this, you just graduated from middle school. You're 13. You still rock t-shirts from Hot-Topic and Hollister. You're still trying to be cool. You meet a girl who believes that you are stalking her older brother, and suddenly everything else clicks. Can I just say if it wasn't for the technological advancements throughout the world, I might not have been able to keep in touch with Sarah the way I did. But see back then, we still picked up our house phones (yes, house phones ha) and would talk for hours on end, while watching the same show at a 3-hour time difference. 

 I’m just blessed that even though my best friend lives over 2,000 miles away (California vs. Maryland), we’ve never been closer. It’s always been us jamming out in the car to our favorite songs, endless brunch mimosas, never not shopping, or trying on each other’s clothes, to sending each other best friend memes. 

My fifth grade substitute teacher once said, “if you died today, with one true friend - you have lived extremely blessed.” Well I got two, you and mphatso. So I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world. 

Travel More, Worry Less

My entire life, I have always been prone to being on the road. From traveling Is it terrifying that I can see myself in so many different places? Each place is different yet a bit familiar. (It's not like it's my first time to New York, but still) I give each city, state, or country that I've been too a little bit of my heart. Hoping that someday, I might find my way back there. 8 countries, 14 states and 35 cities but still counting. 🤞🏼

Thank you New York for always being a classic. This year marked our eighth anniversary of the "Watson Family Take Over Christmas in New York". Each year we have seen a play on broadway (yes, stood in line at the mini red ticket box office in the freezing cold), roamed the streets of Time Square, photos in front of the Rockefeller Center and tree (only my mother knows how I feel about this tree), and don't think I forgot about the shopping. This year we saw Wicked, and it was a dream. I am truly blessed to have amazing parents who have made sure my life was never boring, and not to mention where my love for travel immediately stems from. 

"Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost." 

Saudi "Covered Queens"

This photo is dedicated to our “covered queens” in Saudi Arabia that will now be able to drive effective in June of 2018. Ending a policy that exuded the longstanding oppression of women within this country. 47 women participated in the first protest against the ban since 1990, a university professor, Fawziah al-Bakr called it “Amazing. We have been waiting for a very long time.” It feels good to fight inequality and prevail, it’s what so many of our ancestors fought for.