DC Treats

Grab Coffee or Cake like a Gilmore: 2/7/18

Recent study shows that those of us who have 3-4 cups of coffee a day are more likely to live longer, and it decreases depression. Hmm maybe Lorelai Gilmore was on to something with her need for several cups of coffee a day. If it's any consolation, I can completely attest to that fact because what kind of woman am I in the morning without my coffee (not fully human yet). 

However, too much caffeine can also drain the body, which is why it is vital to stay hydrated. I need at least two cups of coffee on a good, fruitful day. Not to mention, I love a hot cup of coffee on a cold, winter morning. 

Milk Bar in CityCenter, DC is a up and coming spot. They will open two new locations, one at the Wharf in DC. They sell a range of sweets: coffee, milk, hand baked cookies, ice cream, cakes, and even cookbooks. I would personally recommend grabbing a quick cup and the deal of 3 cookies for $7.50, because who could honestly say no to anything chocolate chip with marshmallows mixed in. 

Not to mention, the ice cream flavor of cereal milk for $5.50 a cup - top it all off with the added crunch of crispy corn flakes that would remind anyone of their favorite childhood cereal Frosted Flakes on top for $1.50.

Photographer (MILK) @mindofkhalil 

Dolcezza: Gelato Saviors: 2/7/18

CityCenter, DC has three of my favorite spots. Dolcezza is a gelato and coffee shop that has not only some of the nicest employees, but also a choice to blend either two or three flavors of your choice to dive into gelato heave. I'm a total sucker for the Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel swirl. Two photos found below were taken by Terence Daniels and chosen for the Dolcezza instagram page, as well as the instagram of portraitmeetdc.

For more information about this brilliant coffee/gelato shop, check out there site at www.dolcezzagelato.com

Terence Daniels has more amazing work that can be found at www.terencedanielsphotography.com

Rare Sweets: R A R E = R I G H T: 2/7/18

Rare Sweets, not a hidden gem. I feel like anyone who's well, anyone, has seen or heard about this perfect sweet spot in CityCenter, DC. 

They have everything you would love in a coffee shop and bakery. Two words: carrot cake. Now I know what you're thinking, not everyone likes carrot cake. No no no. This is no ordinary carrot cake, it is made with a creamy vanilla icing, with lightly shredded carrot slices in a perfectly layered and gooey cake.

It is a must try. A personal recommendation.