Anywhere Near the Water

Spring is Coming, Grab your Kayak; Written 3/10/18

I can't tell you how much a girl loves the transition from spring into summer. The trees in Maryland become overflowing with evergreen, the flowers blossom beautifully, the breeze in your hair - honestly, there's really nothing like it. 

The best thing I ever did was start engaging in more activities around the area because I used to constantly complain about my East Coast blues. Simple hikes, kayaking on a Saturday morning when the breeze hits your cheeks just right. Okay let me stop, but you can paint the picture in your mind. Explore, even if it's just wandering for the day around trails in your backyard. You never know what you might be able to find, or even learn about yourself. 

I always like to take a small lunch - with a cold cut sandwich, my favorite chips, and of course lots and lots of aqua. Be sure to take breaks - sometimes you may not necessarily feel tired or exhausted, but our bodies can be overworked. 

Honestly, you can find me in a good park on a beautiful summer day or ideally the beach. I say it all the time, but travel more and worry less. It's the truth. When we are able to absorb a new atmosphere, scenery, culture, and setting - it can bring a sense of clarity. When I was little, I used to tell my mother that I wanted to be cosmopolitan when I grew up. Well, I'm 24 years old going on 25 with a solid 8 countries, 14 states and 35 cities under my belt. We're just getting ready to take over the world, one spring season at a time. 

Wandering through the Garden; Written 3/7/18

Today, I took a trip to the United States Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. It's not very large, but there is so much to see. If you are a proud nature lover like myself, then you will appreciate this section of my site. Summers in Maryland have given me a solid appreciation and foundation outdoors. Great Falls and other beautiful trails can take you from Maryland to even as far as Virginia. The photographs in the Botanical Garden were taken by me on your normal iPhone 7 Plus via Portrait Mode. There are three galleries. The first is a series of my favorite flowers that were unlisted, tangled and twined throughout the garden's trees. The second gallery includes listed plants with various flowers and lastly the urban wall murals. 

I hope you enjoy more gardens, trails, and other outdoor activities to come.