Food & Beverage Queen


All the Spots

What makes you completely, 


and utterly happy? 

For me, yeah you guessed it - 

it's food and wine. 

Preferably any type of Korean style food 

with a bittersweet red wine to kick off my weekend 

always with a jump-start. 

I am studious on finding the hidden gems of Washington DC, 

and I have made it my mission to try as many spots as possible 

to not only widen my range of cultural diversity, 

but also cleanse my palette with anything that meets gooey to spicy. 

Unlike a lot of people, I also love to cook. 

Honestly, you can find me in the kitchen or at a local spot 

sipping a glass all by my lonesome. 

I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If food is your happy place like mine, 

then please enjoy some of my favorite restaurants, 



and deli shops that I've been to all over the United States. 

From time to time I'll even add a recipe for a dish that I have mastered 

(included with the necessary ingredients). 

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Rare Sweets - Permanently Closed

Unfortunately, this amazing spot is now closed in Washington D.C. 

This used to be one of my favorite places to hit up on a bright Saturday morning before or after a photo-shoot. 

To be honest with you, it was the first time I have ever tried carrot cake and let's just say: any place that might make carrot cake, this place did better. I can attest to that without any further evaluations. 

I'm actually really bummed that this establishment is permanently closed in CityCenter, D.C., but follow them on twitter and see where they might pop up next!  


My Go-to Bagel Shops

  • Bagels Etc. - Washington, D.C. 
  • Daily Bagel - Midtown, New York
  • Über Bagels & Deli - Ocean City, MD

Fast Food on a Rare Occasion


If I am going to indulge myself in a fast food craving,

 it can only be one of three places. 

  • In and Out Burger (only located in the West Coast)
  • Chickfila (I am actually a Silver Member, if only I knew what that meant) 
  • Five Guys 

Otherwise, I am always inclined to buy a quality meal from a restaurant 

or just a nice, home-cooked meal to ease the mind and your budget. 

However, I've realized that sometimes all you 

really want is a batch of salty ass fries 

topped off with a grilled burger included with 

extra cheese, lettuce and mayo. 

Or maybe that's just me. 

I'm also a HUGE sucker for In and Out's hats and animal style fries.

Sarah is the greatest best friend in the entire world 

because she always lets me get a hat, 

as if it's my first time being in California. 

Firefly - What I ordered

  • Crab and Avocado Toast (appetizer)
  • Omelet with Mixed Greens (entrée)
  • Truffle Fries (side)  
  • BLT + E (entrée)
  • Sarah's French Toast (entrée)

Grace's Mandarin - What i ordered

Chicken Fried Rice - Happy Hour Special (appetizer)

Chicken Gyoza - Happy Hour Special (side) 

Togarashi Chicken (entrée) 

Beverage of Choice: Bellini 

S U S H I - What I ordered

  • Fried Bananas with Chocolate covered Strawberries, served with ice cream - Okura Sushi in La Quinta, California
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll - Okura Sushi in La Quinta, California
  • Avocado Roll and California Roll, served with eel sauce - Sawa Sushi in La Quinta, California 
  • Tempura Mixed Roll and California Roll served with eel sauce - Sawa Sushi in La  Quinta, California 

Mccmormick - What I ordered

  • Maryland Lobster Bisque (appetizer)
  • Mussels (appetizer)
  • Truffle Macaroni and Cheese (side)
  • Crispy Fish Tacos ( entrée)

Beverage of Choice - Sangaria 

Oak and Stone - What I Ordered

  • Everything Spice Garlic Knots (appetizer)
  • Handcrafted Pizza (pepperoni, bacon, basil leaves, extra mozzarella) (entrée) 
  • Pretzel Crusted Tuna Sashimi (side)

The Smith - What I Ordered

  • Cinnamon Toffee Brioche (appetizer) 
  • BLT + E (entrée)

Beverage of Choice - Mimosa 

Campbell's Place - What I ordered

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw (entrée)
  • Cheesecake (dessert) 

Beverage of Choice - Myer's and Coke