What I'm Currently Watching


My Hero Academia

Leroy says to me the other day, 

"You always root for the underdog, Amanda. The emotional one." 

God, that statement is a thousand percent true. 

I'm not sure it's within our given nature to root for the unlikely candidate, maybe that's just me. 

There's something about Deku Midoriya that is so inspiring, 

if you are into anime and this show in particular then you already know.

Deku is just full of surprises. 

Now I don't believe in spoilers (for those of you who have not watched the new episodes), 

but I will say as Deku progresses as a character - you see his development beyond just physical strength. 

Mentally, he was always perceived as the weaker individual - 

not even primarily because he wasn't born with a natural quirk, 

but rather because he always used kindness as his best tool.  

It makes me chuckle to see how some people like Bakugo and Todoroki,  

were so threatened by Deku especially in the beginning. 

Sometimes I wonder if we realize how powerful we really are, 

and how much of an impact we really make on other people. 

Whether or not you may show your weaknesses or insecurities to others, 

even the underdog can surprise you - if not, almost always. 

That's why All Might believed in Deku. 

He saw Deku's resilience, passion and dedication to help others and isn't that what it's all about? 

Helping yourself and maybe a few others along the way in the process. 

Favorite Anime Characters



Philly the Kid


 Naruto Uzumaki, Believe It!

There's only a few ways you can describe Naruto: 






Naruto is a natural born leader. I love this anime so much, I am currently re-watching it just for the hell of it (currently on season 5 of the original Naruto). 

There's something about the underdog that I instantly gravitate too. Not to mention, Naruto has this ability to always surprise you. 

No matter what, despite all of his adversity, he is always ready to learn and grow. 

That's the true definition of a leader to me, someone who's always ready, willing and able. 

Naruto takes pride in the Leaf Village even after nearly being ostracized by his classmates, peers, teachers, and the rest of the villagers. I truly believe that Naruto will forever remain my favorite anime character because he fights for his comrades and his ninja way - what more could you want? 


Philly the Kid


Shoto Todoroki

At first glance and after the first few episodes of season 1 of My Hero Academia, I personally didn't like Todoroki at all. I almost never enjoy the antagonist of any show or film. However, like all of my favorite anime characters - Todoroki is full of surprises. 

His tragic back story alone makes you question why he became a hero in the first place. After witnessing his father's abuse with not only himself, but also with his mother is beyond brutal. You later uncover his built up resentment towards his father and some might ask - is it justified? 

My answer: absolutely. 

Deku shares a moment with Todoroki that cultivates my appreciation for him as a character. Deku becomes privy to Shoto's history with his father, so Deku reminds of him basically of the badass Todoroki truly is. "It's not his quirk, it's yours!"

We all have a battle to fight, 

sometimes we forget who is really our opponent. 

Maybe our only obstacle is ourselves. 


Philly the Kid

Philly the Kid

Philly the Kid

Philly the Kid is basically the guy we all wanted to be growing up: 

A badass who's got a problem with authority, 

Travels and works best alone, 

and isn't here to play nice or fair. 

Maybe I was the only kid who wanted to be like that growing up, either way we gotta love Canon Busters for introducing this black anime to Netflix. 

My favorite Marvel character growing up as a kid was always Wolverine. Healing powers, duh. Philly and Wolverine share this trait in common. The only difference is Philly actually dies each time and in a sense is reborn. My only question is how many times can he afford to die? 

Maybe a question to be answered at a latter time. 

I really enjoyed Philly the Kid because he didn't try to be the hero. In most cases, he ends up looking like the villain (always on the move from bounty hunters and loan sharks) when in all actuality, he's got one mission and one mission only: to go to Botica and regain control of his soul. He becomes my most unlikely candidate for a hero, but still exceeds all general expectations effortlessly. 

I can't wait for the next season to come. 

Shows On My List


Anime I have watched: 

-One Punch Man


-The Dragon Prince


-Naruto Shippuden

-My Hero Academia

-Food Wars

-Hunter x Hunter

-Hero = Mask 

-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

-Dragon Ball Z (the original) 

Please feel free to send me your list of must-sees.